Ceras EYL Ghana Ltd, P.O Box AN 6977, Accra North, Ghana


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Ceras EYL is a small scale Ghanaian business involved in the production and distribution of learning materials for children. We are based in Accra. Our primary objective is to support preschool learning by making quality and result driven products for children in Ghana.

Inspired by our talents in art and passion for teaching children, we have turned our years of hands-on experience or running preschools and developing educational content for children all over the world and particularly in Ghana into developing our products.

We develop our products by engaging top preschool teaching experts in Ghana, and repeatedly test them with children before we produce them.

Ceras EYL produces all its products locally with ZERO COMPROMISE on QUALITY. We are here to help teachers/care-givers and parents to promote quality education for children in the preschool sector. This will ripple in ensuring a better and brighter future for our children.

Join Our Team

There is always room for people with talents in the following areas to join our team:

  • Preschool Education Research
  • Children Event Organisers
  • Sales and Distribution

Our vision is to reach out to every child in Ghana with fun learning materials, competitions, activities and events.


If you are a very energetic person with a passion to sell, distribute, and promote our products, we invite you to get in touch right away. We will meet with you and discuss how you can help us make our vision a reality.

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