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Vowel & Consonant Digraph Flash Card

Vowel & Consonant Digraph Flash Card

Digraphs are single sounds that are derived from two different letters of the English alphabet. Digraphs in this pack are made up of double vowels and consonants and a combination of the two.

There are 27 Vowel & Consonant Digraph Flash Cards in this pack. Each flash card consists of a digraph, an illustration and five (5) supplementary words with digraphs on the flip side. The digraphs in this pack consist of the following: ar er or qu ai ue oi oo(short) oo(long) ie ee ou th(voiceless) th(voiced) wh ck sh ng oy wr ch ph kn ay ow oa and ea

To make it more fun, we’ve introduced and included a Digraph Board Game with a dice and two (2) counting tokens in this pack!

This pack also includes a literature guide for parents and caregivers to help make their child(ren)’s learning process easier and interesting. There is a challenge for the kids to help fill “Frogie’s sac with tons of Digraph words, while they read their books.

This product is right for children between 5 and 6 years old. Smarter fours can also get busy with Ceras Digraph flash cards.