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This pocket-size, 5-in-one pack of short vowels is a must-have for every child above the age of three. Find out more here

Colour & Activity

These incredible illustrations, bold letters and numbers, mixed with fun tracing and work activities will get children hooked to learning

Consonant Blend

With pictures and a support leaflet, these flash cards will provide a great start for the child to say, read and write their first words!

Flash Cards

There are many products in Flash Cards that are designed to fit in pockets and bags of school children. Take a moment to see them here.

Gifts & Favours

The greatest gift for a child is the gift of knowledge. We can offer ideas on what you can give as gifts at your next kids party

Games / Charts

There is no better way to learn and have fun than with vowels and consonants board games. It is a great way to engage the class or family


Ceras Preschool Art Competitions are open now. Get the children to join in the fun... and have a chance to win!